Zincuta Skin Ointment For Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry Skin, Chapped Lips, Poison Ivy Blisters, Burn Injuries, And Many More Skin Ailments (2 Oz Tin)

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HEALING OINTMENT SKIN FOR MANY APPLICATIONS: Zincuta skin healing ointment is indispensable as it boosts many applications; it’s a burn relief ointment for burns and sunburns, an antibacterial ointment for eczema/psoriasis, a cut healing ointment for accidental cuts in the kitchen or while shaving; it’s also an effective very dry skin ointment to soften moisturize chapped lips, dry hands, and chafes; so the skin protectant ointment is very versatile both indoors and outdoors
MADE OF ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: be assured that you’re not applying any chemical substances on your skin when you’re using Zincuta skin ointment as it’s made of only the purest all-natural ingredients; ingredients include axungia (soft fat used in medicine as an emollient), styrax benzoin resin extract (a resin extract from the tree that soothes and heal wounds), beeswax (retains the skin’s natural moisture to relieve itchiness), and slippery elm bark (minimizes inflammation and itchiness)
HOW ZINCUTA SKIN OINTMENT HEALING WORKS: the natural eczema ointment has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which help to calm and heal eczema; a thin layer of it on the affected area will immediately relieve soreness and promote healing
FOLLOWING A TIME-HONORED TRADITION AND HIGH STANDARDS: the original Zincuta skin rash/ burn healing/eczema treatment/dry skin ointment was created by Dr. Josiah C. Case (1865-1930), a veterinarian surgeon with impeccable reputation; after years of thorough research, we created this new version of Zincuta skin ointment with top quality ingredients
Zincuta skin ointment - your indispensable ointment for your first aid kit. Ever have painful sunburns, cuts, chafes or itchy eczema flare-ups? Zincuta skin irritation/skin burn ointment will come to the rescue! Suitable for easing many skin ailments. Zincuta ointment for dry skin is effective and versatile for a range of skin applications. It can be a first aid burn ointment for sunburn skin or other types of burns. If you’ve accidentally cut yourself while cooking, shaving or suffer from chafes, Zincuta is effective on cuts too. If you or a loved one have eczema, Zincuta eczema itch ointment soothes the irritating itch. Best thing is, it wouldn’t sting like some other creams would. When you’re hiking, it’s common to get bitten by mosquitoes and insects. In fact, you may even come across poisonous plants like poison ivy in the wild. Applying Zincuta skin ointment helps you relieve the itchiness caused by insect bites and poisonous plants. See? The multi-purpose ointment for dry skin is so versatile that it can be used both indoors and outdoors!

Made of natural ingredients of the purest forms. Zincuta skin healing ointment is formulated with various natural ingredients. Axungia: a type of soft fat that’s used in medicine as an emollient. Styrax benzoin resin: this is a resin extract from the tree; it soothes and heal wounds. Beeswax: retains the skin’s natural moisture to relieve itchiness. Slippery elm bark: minimizes inflammation and itchiness. How Zincuta ointments for dry skin work. The burns/natural eczema/dry skin ointment has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which calm and heals a range of skin ailments. Apply a thin layer of it on the affected area and it will relieve soreness, soften, protect and promote healing.


axungia, zinc oxide, styrax, benzoin, beeswax, slippery elm, essential oils of wintergreen, lavender, and bergamot.


Test small sample area for allergies. Consult your physician if you intend to use this cream in conjunction with other topical prescription or over-the-counter remedies. Mixing products can potentially result in adverse reactions. Apply topically to affected area as needed.

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