ZenSweet- All Natural Monk Fruit Sugar-Free Sweetener

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ZenSweet Is A Pure Sweetener Whose Ingredients Are All-Natural. ZenSweet Is Not Only Low Calorie, At 0.34 Calories Per Gram, But Its Ingredients Can Help Maintain Digestive And Oral Health, And May Aid In Balancing Blood Sugar Levels. The Only All-Natural, Zero Calorie, Zero Glycemic Sweetener On The Market That Measures And Tastes Like Sugar. 1 Cup Of ZenSweet Equals 1 Cup Of Sugar. This Makes It Healthy And Easy To Re-Create All Your Favorite Recipes.

  • 16 oz
  • Measures like sugar and tastes like sugar
  • Zero calorie and zero GI
  • Made with Monk Fruit
  • Non-GMO; Gluten Free
Erythritol, Chicory Root or Jerusalem Artichoke (Inulin), Monk Fruit Extract

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