Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard of Chelsea - The Tea Discovery Collection

SKU: 1708900

Tired of the same tea day after day? Admittedly we've never known the feeling. From Chinese green teas and black tea grown in Assam to our very own house blends, there’s plenty to discover in this hand-picked collection, with 20 traditional teabags of each tea.
  • A world tour in a teacup, we've chosen eight of our favorite black and green teabags to give you a taste of our globe-spanning range – elegantly enclosed in vintage-style patterned boxes.
  • 8 unique tea flavors, This Tea Discoveries collection includes a variety of different teas, ranging from Chinese green teas and black tea grown in Assam to our very own house blends. TEAS INCLUDED: 4 Black Teas (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Rose, Tippy Assam) – 3 Green Teas (Jasmine, Marrakech Mint, Mango & Bergamot ) – and 1 Black, oolong & green blend (Afternoon Tea).
  • Our Tea Discovery collection contains 160 cups of tea total (using 1 teabag per cup) – 8 flavors x 20 individually wrapped traditional teabags = 20 cups of each tea flavor! Best enjoyed hot.
  • We have extraordinary teas, we’ve spent the last century tracking down the very best of our over 100-strong range. From exquisite single origins to seasonal limited editions, every cup we sell represents a distinct experience with its own character. We explore the latest trends, flavors and ingredients – but always stick to our roots.

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