Whittard of Chelsea

Hot Chocolate Trio Stacking Tins – Winter Edition

SKU: 1714820


A gift set of our signature Luxury hot chocolate: smooth, creamy & delicious in milk chocolate, white chocolate & salted caramel. Use hot milk instead of water for the creamiest hot cocoa or hot chocolate.

Don't fuss with a messy concoction of cocoa powder & sugar. Whittard of Chelsea's luxury hot chocolates are bursting with chocolate flavor for a sweet, creamy, hot cocoa treat. Vegan & vegetarian.

K cups are expensive & wasteful, but these holiday gift ready hot cocoas come in pretty, reusable tins that are easy to reseal & can be made with your favorite organic milk or milk substitute.

Enjoy hot, as an ice-cold milkshake or use as a baking ingredient. With 3 flavors, this seasonal gift set makes 15 mugs of hot cocoa! Can also be made with soy milk, oat milk & other milk alternatives.

Whittard of Chelsea has been providing quality black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea & tea blends for over 130 years! Trusted in England & now in the US, Whittard's teas are an English delight.

When Walter Whittard first set up store selling tea, coffee and hot chocolate, he had no idea what the next century or so would bring. It’s been a long, varied and exciting history for Whittard of Chelsea. We’ve been through World Wars, incredible discoveries, tragedies and successes. But if there’s one thing that’s kept us going, it’s the attitude of our founder. Walter was a tradition-breaker with no time for compromise: he was never afraid to try something new, and he always stuck to his philosophy of “buying the best”. Today, we push boundaries with our unique, innovative blends and scour the world for the best single origin varieties, from the very best tea to our limited edition coffees. We’re proud to hang Walter’s name above our door – and we think he’d be proud too.

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