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Did you know male health and nutrition plays a vital role in conception? Years of scientific study and the emerging understanding of epigenetics (the science of optimizing DNA function) suggests we can help support sperm quality and fertility through key nutrient and antioxidant supplementation prior to conception.

  • Includes 90 tablets
  • Delivers ingredients, such as Vitamins C and, E along with other key nutrients, shown to support sperm quality and fertility in men*
  • Antioxidants to help support cell protection*
  • Science-based antioxidant formula
  • Formulated by internationally renowned physician Marianne Legato, MD, PhD
  • Designed to be taken in the 90 days prior to conception

HeNatal is designed to be taken for a period of up to one year and is not designed to be a complete multivitamin. It can be taken with Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. If taking HeNatal with a regular multivitamin, be sure to check both labels to avoid high levels of certain nutrients. 

Take 3 tablets per day. Begin taking HeNatal at least 90 days prior to conception to help improve sperm quality and continue taking until conception occurs, or up to one year. 

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