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Many nursing moms have asked themselves the question: can I drink while breastfeeding? The answer is yes! The American Academy of Pediatrics states that nursing mothers can have an occasional alcoholic drink (equivalent of a 12-oz beer, 4-oz glass of wine, or 1-oz of liquor) but that she should wait at least two hours per drink before breastfeeding. However, because every woman’s body is unique, the rate at which we metabolize alcohol differs. While the rate of metabolization is influenced by many factors, such as body weight, type of alcohol and food intake, draining the breasts does not expedite the elimination of alcohol from breast milk. For moms concerned about alcohol and breastfeeding, Milkscreen is an easy to use test to detect the presence of alcohol in breast milk. You simply express a few drops of milk on the test strip and if the test pad changes color at 2 minutes alcohol is present (at or above 13.1 mg/dL). No more guessing or unnecessary “pump and dump.” With Milkscreen mom has

answers and can breastfeed with confidence.

Main selling points:

  • Milkscreen by UpSpring is the best selling breast milk alcohol test strip on the market with over 10 million Milkscreen tests sold, a popular baby shower and baby registry items for moms planning to breastfeed.
  • Simply put breastmilk on the test strip, wait two minutes and see if the test pad changes color! If the color changes, alcohol is present at or above 13.1 mg/dL. Great peace of mind screening for nursing mothers!
  • Get quick results in 2 minutes by the test strip that is trusted by moms for over 10 years to detect even low levels of alcohol in breast milk.
  • Milkscreen is pediatrician and lactation consultant recommended.
  • Made in the USA.



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