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Milkflow Blessed Thistle Capsules contains naturally sourced concentrated levels of Blessed Thistle delivering the equivalent of 1,000 mg per capsule plus a proprietary botanical blend to help digestive upset for both mom AND baby!*  This single-herb breastfeeding supplement, Milkflow Blessed Thistle, allows you to customize your breast milk-boosting experience. You (yes you) know your body best, and our Milkflow breastfeeding supplements enable you to determine which lactation supplements are most effective in increasing YOUR breast milk supply.*

  • Includes 100 capsules 
  • Helps promote healthy breast milk supply*
  • Concentrated formula delivers the equivalent of 1,000 mg of Blessed Thistle in each serving
  • May help support digestion and reduce stomach upset*
  • Includes a botanical digestive blend aid to help reduce symptoms of potential digestive upset*
  • Naturally-sourced herbs, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free with no added fillers

Discuss product use with a healthcare professional during pregnancy.

Take 1 capsule, up to 3 times per day. Take it any time you want to boost breast milk production after your baby is born. Metabolisms vary but you may see a difference within the first week.* 

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