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It’s well known that an unhealthy gut can be the culprit for many viruses and diseases. For years now, nutritionists have advocated for the importance of using probiotics to maintain a healthy gut, however, it’s not always easy to find the right supplements for our bodies.

Our systems requires a delicate balance between “good” and “bad” gut bacteria in order to function properly. However, it’s difficult to get just enough of the right kind of “good bacteria” that doctors recommend. This is simply because our bodies function differently from one another. Thus, our needs in terms of probiotics and prebiotics vary greatly depending on the individual.

Wellness gurus around the world are raving about Thryve, a company that customizes probiotics for each individual, based on their health needs. Thryve believes that probiotics are not ‘one size fits all’, which is why they created probiotic supplement plans that are completely individualized based on your DNA.

  • PERSONALIZED PROBIOTICS - Utilizing 16s rRNA technology, we analyze the thousands of species of bacteria in your gut. Based on your survey and test result, you then receive a personalized probiotic shipped directly to your door to help improve your wellness. Our probiotics contain multi-strains and up to 100B CFU, Prebiotics & Vitamins Infusion.
  • ACID-RESISTANT & NON-GMO CASING - Thryve Probiotics are made with healthy human derived strains which are encapsulated in vegetarian and non-GMO casing called Hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose, which helps bypass stomach acid.
  • GUT HEALTH REPORT - Explore your gut health by viewing our report which provides a comprehensive view based on 40,000+ microbiome research articles. We determine your wellness based on several gut health parameters. Specifically, how diverse the species of bacteria in your gut are, the balance of good vs. bad bacteria, and how you compare with healthy people.
  • DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS - We create a scientifically-backed diet plan targeted for your gut bacteria. Find out which foods will provide the most bang for your buck and increase the good bacteria for improved health. Based on the balance of your gut bacteria, we'll tell you foods you should avoid to remove inflammation in the gut.

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