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The Good Stuff Complete Repair Balm Leave-In No-Rinse Vegan Conditioner For Damaged Hair, 6.7 Oz

SKU: 1706900

Packed with highly-potent, active ingredients, our complete repair balm gets hair back to its natural strength. The leave-in formula works all day to help repair damaged hair, balance moisture and protect strands from daily wear and tear.
What’s good in here:
• Good for repair: lightweight micro-silicones shield your hair from daily damage - repairing, strengthening and protecting it with every use.
• Good for moisturization: glycerin packs your hair with moisture, without weighing it down, restoring its natural strength.
• Good for smoothness: plant-based detanglers undo those tangles, leaving your locks soft and smooth, so you can glide on throughout your day!


• No need to rinse: saves time and water

• Lightweight: designed to instantly absorb, it won’t weigh your hair down

• Heat protecting: creates a barrier to shield your hair from damage

• Easy styling: helps in creating that effortless look

• Every drop counts: the good stuff keeps working in your locks all day

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