Tespo Connect Dispenser

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2 pods/31 servings in each pod

The Tespo Connect is where all of the magic happens. Simply insert your pod, push the button, and watch as it mixes your vitamin shot. the Tespo Dispenser turns that powder into a delicious, perfectly mixed, easy to drink liquid shot, and Tespo-Go provides a simple and convenient way for you to bring your Tespo-Pods on the go!

TESPO VITAMIN WIFI DISPENSER GEN 2.0 - The improved Tespo Dispenser is a smart vitamin delivery system, giving you the perfect liquid vitamin serving every time at the push of a button. Provides a better way to take vitamins on your home countertop. In the box, you’ll get: 1 Dispenser, 1 Cup, 1 Power cord, and 1 Tespo-Go for taking your vitamins on-the-go. Tespo Pods & Phone SOLD SEPARATELY

The Tespo Connect dispenser is compatible with all Tespo Pods. Swapping pods is easy--the dispenser has side panel storage for up to three additonal pods. Tespo offers a wide variety of Pods to use with the Tespo Dispenser. Multivitamins Pods for Children, Men, Women, Sleep Aid, as well as condition specific pods to support your individual needs. Tespo vitamin pods not included with dispenser purchase.

Compatible with Alexa. Ask your dispenser to make you a vitamin shot, check how many servings remain in your vitamin pod, and more! (Alexa device sold separately)

The App that Brings it all Together - The Tespo dispenser even connects directly to the free, dedicated Tespo app via WiFi to give you daily reminders to take your vitamins and help you keep track of your vitamin program.

Tech Specs
Tespo Connect Dispenser Size
Depth: 11.5"
Width: 5.5"
Height: 10.5"
Weight: 4 lbs
It’s slightly smaller than a single-serve coffee maker and fits nicely on your countertop as a handy reminder to take your vitamins every day.

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