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Tea Discoveries Mango & Bergamot Tea Caddy

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This sweet yet sophisticated green tea is perfect for adding a twist of summer exoticism to an afternoon spread, delicately blended with flavours of mango, lulo and bergamot. A Great Taste Award winner in both 2013 and 2014, the judges admired the teas good sweetness on the finish, describing it as clean and sweet throughout. High-quality green sencha tea leaves form the base of the blend, picked in early spring and steamed and rolled to maintain their verdant colour and herby taste. Scattered with rose, sunflower and blue cornflower petals, our aromatic Mango & Bergamot is as beautiful as it is delicious. We love to display it at home in big glass sweetshop jars, and why not top a green tea cupcake with a delicate petal?

  • GREEN TEA WITH FLAVOR - Our Mango and Bergamot Tea sweetly sophisticated loose leaf green tea is delicately blended with exotic flavors of mango, lulo and bergamot. This green tea is perfect for adding a twist of summer exoticism to an afternoon spread.
  • LOOSE LEAF TEA - Our Mango and Bergamot tea contains 96% Green Tea, Flavoring, 1.5% Petals (Sunflower, Rose, Cornflower). Suitable for Vegetarians and is Vegan friendly. Best if stored in a cool dry, place away from strong lights and odors.
  • HOW TO BREW - Green tea is more delicate than black tea and should never be brewed with boiling water: the heat extracts tannins, giving your tea a bitter, astringent flavor. Instead, we recommend using water off the boil (around 176°F) – leave the kettle after boiling for five minutes, add two teaspoons (around 2g) of loose loose-leaf per cup then pour and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Best enjoyed hot!
  • RESEALABLE & STACKABLE TIN - Our caddy brews approximately 50 cups of tea (using 1 tsp/2g per cup). This Our Mango and Bergamot tea is presented in a charming Tea Discoveries caddy with a pattern inspired by vintage tea dresses. Our caddy makes a stunning gift for any tea lover and each are stackable for easy, organized storage and neat kitchen displays. Perfect to give as a gift!
  • WHITTARD OF CHELSEA - The Finest Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate Since 1886. We have extraordinary teas, we’ve spent the last century tracking down the very best of our over 100-strong range. From exquisite single origins to seasonal limited editions, every cup we sell represents a distinct experience with its own character. We explore the latest trends, flavors and ingredients – but always stick to our roots.

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