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Tea Discoveries Chelsea Garden Caddy

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We like to think that Walter Whittard dreamt up this blend while taking a stroll in Chelsea Physic Garden one summer evening. Or perhaps it was during a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show? After all, the event was first held in Chelsea just two years after Walter Whittard set up shop.

  • WHITE TEA WITH FLAVOR - You’ll find the base of our signature White Peony tea allows for a light and elegant brew, while the sweet suggestion of rose and flavors of ripe summer fruits add a delightfully characteristic twist.
  • LOOSE LEAF TEA - Our Chelsea Garden tea contains White Tea, 4% Rose Buds, Flavoring. Suitable for vegetarians and is vegan friendly. Best if stored in a cool dry, place away from strong lights and odors.
  • HOW TO BREW - The least processed form of tea, white tea is simply left to dry for a light, subtly sweet and delicate flavor. Add two teaspoons (around 4g) of loose loose-leaf per cup and use water off the boil (around 176°F) – leave the kettle after boiling for five minutes, then pour and infuse for 2-3 minutes. Best enjoyed hot!
  • RESEALABLE & STACKABLE TIN - Our caddy brews approximately 25 cups of tea (using 2 tsp/a cup). This Chelsea Garden tea is presented in a charming Tea Discoveries caddy with a pattern inspired by garden trellises, this rosebud-scattered loose leaf white tea is a treat for anyone with green fingers. Our caddy makes a stunning gift for any tea lover and each are stackable for easy, organized storage and neat kitchen displays. Perfect to give as a gift!
  • WHITTARD OF CHELSEA - The Finest Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate Since 1886. We have extraordinary teas, we’ve spent the last century tracking down the very best of our over 100-strong range. From exquisite single origins to seasonal limited editions, every cup we sell represents a distinct experience with its own character. We explore the latest trends, flavors and ingredients – but always stick to our roots.

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