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Tea Discoveries A Taste of Tea

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Got a taste for tea? Satisfy it with eight of our most magnificent teas, collected in a stunning display box for our Tea Discoveries range. Tippy Assam and English Breakfast are two classic black teas, while Mango & Bergamot and Earl Grey are two twists on a very British blend. Then there's English Rose, infused with gentle floral notes, and Afternoon Tea, our signature blend for elegant tea parties. Finally we've added two of our favourite green teas: sweetly scented Jasmine and exotic Marrakech Mint. It's a glorious treat for your taste buds.

 "Afternoon: 70% Black Tea, 29% Green Tea , Bergamot flavouring
Marrakech Mint: 80% Green Tea, 20% Peppermint
English Rose: 95% Black Tea, Flavouring
Mango and Bergamot: Black Tea, Flavouring
Tippy Assam: Black Tea
Jasmine: Green Tea
English Breakfast: Black Tea
Earl Grey: Black Tea, Flavouring

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans"

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