St. Tropica

St. Tropica Skin and Hair Beauty Set

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$52.25 $77.25

A powerhouse formula of world-renowned Hair Superfoods, paired with the heat of a Hot Oil Treatment is a coconut oil hair mask like no other. If you have dry hair, damaged hair, thinning hair, frizzy hair or split ends – look no further for serious hair repair, fast. Our Hair Growth Vitamins feature exclusive Hair Superfood formula with legendary ingredients used for centuries around the world, as the secret to longer, stronger, thicker hair. Our Beauty Coco is a marvelous Multi-Tasker - meeting all your beauty desires for face, body, and hair in one convenient product. We use the highest quality, Certified Organic, super pure, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil to deliver on beauty results, while the heavenly coconut aroma instantly transports you to the tropics.

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