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ST. TROPICA Beauty Coco - 100% Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair - Beauty Coconut Oil 12 oz

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Product Description :
It’s a Marvelous Multi-Tasker - meeting all your beauty desires for face, body, and hair in one convenient product. We use the highest quality, Certified Organic, super pure, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil to deliver on beauty results, while the heavenly coconut aroma instantly transports you to the tropics. Apply it on face, body, hair, lips… the possibilities are practically endless. Melts effortlessly upon application for a feeling of sublime moisture that makes skin look better than ever before. Lusciously creamy Beauty Coco will be your new all-purpose beauty bestie!

  • Body moisturizer: Apply Beauty Coco onto skin for a feeling of non-greasy moisture that makes skin feel ultra soft and smooth.
  • Face moisturizer: Perfect for all skin types, Beauty Coco makes skin feel balanced and calm, and even helps to diminish signs of acne and premature aging.Makeup Remover: Warm a dollop of Beauty Coco in hands and massage onto skin to effectively cleanse away makeup without making skin feel tight and dry. Remove with a soft cloth.
  • Oil Cleanser: Get in on the oil cleansing craze with Beauty Coco. Oils bind to dirt and debris, and give skin a deep down clean feeling. Be sure to give yourself a mini facial massage while you are at it to leave skin with a look of healthy glow.
  • Dry Shave Oil: Tired of legs that look scaly and dry post shave? Sub Beauty Coco in for your regular shaving gel for the softest, smoothest shave you’ve ever experienced.
  • Eye Cream: Try Beauty Coco as a nighttime eye cream to soothe feelings of inflammation, while diminishing signs of dryness, puffiness, and fine lines.
  • Massage Oil: Warm a generous amount of Beauty Coco in the microwave and use as a tropically scented massage oil.
  • Heel Saver: Repair the look and feel of dry, cracked feet. Simply apply generously, working onto dry areas, don your comfiest socks, slip into bed and let Beauty Coco do the rest.
  • Hair Conditioner: Beauty Coco may be applied to hair as a leave-in conditioner for parched strands and to help prevent flyaways. Check out our Organic Coconut Oil Hair Mask for the ultimate treat for your tresses.
  • Facial Highlighter: Give cheekbones a subtle sheen by dabbing on a bit of Beauty Coco. Moisturizing and smells great.
  • Lip Gloss: Looking for the perfect lip gloss? A swipe of Beauty Coco feels and looks lovely, and tastes yummy too.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - raw, unrefined, and cold pressed.

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