Scrub Daddy

Soap Daddy

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Fill Soap Daddy with your favorite detergent and enjoy two ways to suds! Press down the top to apply soap directly onto your sponge or scrubber. Squeeze the sides to shoot soap into tall pots, pans- even hands! Soap Daddy is mess-free, convenient, and compatible with most liquids. Important: Read instructions listed on packaging before removing. Watch product tutorial before use. Bottom valve must be primed each time the dispenser is opened and refilled to ensure no leakage. To prime bottom valve, deposit soap once by squeezing the sides.

  • 1 count
  • Dispenses soap 2 ways for your convenience! Apply soap directly onto your sponge by pressing down yellow top. Deposit soap into tall pots or pans by aiming bottom and squeezing sides.
  • Grip the green leaves at top and twist counter clockwise to unscrew and fill with your favorite detergent. Soap not included.
  • Compatible with most liquids. Try Soap Daddy with dish detergent, hand soap or body wash.
  • Pull yellow center to remove and wipe clean. Replace by aligning with top and pushing down until it clicks.

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