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Sky Organics Organic Jojoba Oil

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Our cold-pressed Organic Jojoba Oil is a lightweight facial oil that hydrates and balances skin to promote a soft and clear complexion. Similar to skin’s natural oils, our Jojoba Oil helps maintain skin’s moisture levels to prevent the over-production of sebum which can lead to blemishes. High in E and B vitamins, our Jojoba Oil’s non-greasy texture instantly quenches and soothes dehydrated skin, while protecting it from pore clogging bacteria. Jojoba Oil is ideal for all skin types, especially those with oily or combination skin types - and can also be used on the hair and body for head to toe hydration.

  • 4 oz
  • Can be used a face moisturizer, hair conditioner, facial cleanser, scar and stretch mark minimizer, anti-acne gel, cuticle treatment, anti-fungal, anti-aging, sunburn relief, make-up remover and much more…
  • Produced upon the highest quality standards to preserve its natural potency, efficacy and healing properties. Cruelty free. No chemicals or additives. All natural. Sourced directly from organic artisanal farmers in Israel.
  • The Jojoba Oil is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum – an oily substance naturally produced by the oil glands below the skin surface

100% Pure Jojoba Oil

For external use only

Gently pat a small amount of Jojoba Oil onto clean skin for long lasting moisture. Jojoba Oil can also be applied to damp or dry hair for added moisture, or used on the body as a lightweight body moisturizer

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