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Scrub Daisy Dishwand System

SKU: 1674815

The Hyacinth dishwand towers over the competition with over 15 rows of petals and 14 inch reach! The slender silhouette fits into narrow openings (like baby bottles and coffee pots), while a flexible core contours to curves and bends under rims. The ArmorTec tip scours the bottom of your containers clean, while the FlexTexture and ResoFoam petals clean the sides. The soap-dispensing wand is ergonomic to provide good grip even with soapy hands. An included suction cup base stores your dishwand upright and allows excess water to drain into the sink thanks to its spout. All parts are top rack dishwasher safe.
  • 1 count
  • Featuring 15 rows of petals, a flexible core, and a 14 inch reach, the Hyacinth provides the reach and flexibility you need to thoroughly clean the insides of bottles, glasses, thermoses, vases, mugs, and more!
  • The Hyacinth’s petals are made from Scrub Daddy’s exclusive FlexTexture to scrub, ResoFoam for suds, and ArmorTec to scour. Use it to clean baby bottles, coffee pots, and other hard-to-clean narrow containers.
  • The Hyacinth features an ergonomic, soap-dispensing handle (soap not included) and is compatible with other Scrub Daisy heads.
  • The Hyacinth is safe to use on over a dozen different surfaces including glass, stainless steel, ceramic and plastic. The scrub head resists stains, rinses clean after each use, and has a fast dry time to resist molding

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