Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy Cart Daddy

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Grocery shopping made easier! Cart Daddy reduces your environmental footprint while organizing, and carrying, your groceries. Use less plastic and make fewer trips to the car! After checking out at the store, expand the bags in your shopping cart. Cart Daddy’s bright colors make color-coding your groceries while you load them easy and quick. Once home, you’ll find unpacking your Cart Daddy bags just as convenient. The system stores itself compactly until your next trip to the store.

  •  Each Cart Daddy bag can hold over 100 lbs. of groceries (equivalent to 1,000 plastic bags in a lifetime)!
  •  3 different sizes and colors let you quickly organize your goods as you load them to make unpacking at home a breeze.
  • Cart Daddy bags attach to one another by Velcro so you can add or subtract as needed. The system stores compactly when not in use, perfect to leave in the trunk of your car. Use the convenient handles to hook Cart Daddy on your shopping cart until you are ready to check out.
  • Made from strong non-woven construction. Machine washable (remove rod).

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