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Real Simple Clean Fresh Citrus Washing Machine Cleaner

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For All Top and Front-Loading Washing Machines. The inside of your washing machine is the perfect place for mold and mildew to thrive. But bleach and conventional cleaning agents can be hard on you and the environment. Our planet-conscious formula uses potent natural enzymes to ght mold and mildew, and the odors they produce, while a blend of essential oils keeps your machine—and your laundry— smelling great.

  • 24 oz
  • Plant-Derived Ingredients
  • Help in Soil & Dirt Removal
  • Natural Fragrance Blend Helps in Solvency
  • Non-Hazardous Plant Based Formula

Spray interior surfaces generously and allow to stand for at least thirty minutes. Run the machine as normal. Spray after each load for happy, healthy laundry.

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