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Real Simple Clean Travel-Size Lavender Wrinkle Release

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For Clothes, Linens, Curtains, and Other Fabrics. In an ideal world, we all have time to iron. But in reality, we sometimes realize just before guests arrive that a favorite out t is a clingy, static mess. Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Our natural, plant-based formula reduces static cling and puts the sleek back into wrinkled fabrics, leaving them looking good and smelling great.

  • 3 oz
  • Removes Wrinkles without Ironing
  • Refreshes Clothing with a Bulgarian Lavender Scent
  • Perfect for Home and Travel Use
  • Non-Hazardous Plant Based Formula

Test fabrics (especially silk and rayon) in an inconspicuous are. Shake the bottle well. Spray generously, giving special attention to very wrinkled sections. Snap the item downward then smooth out by hand. Hang on a hanger and allow to dry. When it’s dry, it’s ready!

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