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Real Simple Clean Unscented Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protectant

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For All Stainless Steel Surfaces We all love the industrial look of stainless steel in a kitchen. But the industrial-style chemicals used to keep it clean can be hard on you and the planet. Our carefully selected formula tackles greasy smudges and persistent fingerprints better than any harsh chemical cleaner.

  • 16 oz
  • Food Grade Mineral Oil Based, Micro Layer Protects against Environmental Damage
  • Reduces Fingerprints and Smudges
  • Melts Away Grease and Dirt
  • Non-Hazardous & Biodegradable

Spray directly onto the surface or apply with a soft nonabrasive cloth. Wipe in gentle circles until dirt and spills lift. Continue polishing for your perfect shine. Apply often for shiny, happy stainless

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