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Real Simple Clean Fresh Citrus Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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For Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors. We all enjoy the warm feel of wood floors. But keeping them clean can be a chore—and can expose you to harmful fumes. Our carefully balanced formula replaces harsh chemicals with the essence of great smelling, oil-rich plants for a streak-free shine that brings out a floor’s natural beauty.

  • 24 oz
  • Removes Dirty without Harmful Fumes
  • Streak Free Performance
  • Dissolves Grease and Messy Spills
  • Non-Hazardous & Biodegradable

Sweep the floor clean. Shake well and spray directly on the floor. Wipe up right away with a micro ber mop for best results. Keep the mop clean as you go by rinsing it in water. Apply often for happy, healthy floors!

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