Pulleez Sliding Ponytail Holder, Set of 2 - Acrylic Charms - Black/ Brown Elastic Hair Tie

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Product Description

Pulleez hair elastics are a great accessory to anyone's haircare collection to help incorporate style and safety all in one! Pulleez allows you to hold any hairstyle firmly, without the worry of tugging or pulling when it is time to let your hair down. Originally created on a whim to help pull back fashion models' hair quickly and gently while getting their makeup done, Pulleez was able to evolve and are now leading in the ponytail accessory market. Pulleez has multiple collections to compliment all different styles! Stay more subdued or under the radar with our brown and black Acrylic Ponytails, or bold with some fun, exciting colors. Add a little bling while looking at our Metal Charm Ponytails, or show off your favorite sport with our Sporteez Collection! For anyone with thicker, fuller hair, try our Pulleez Plus Collection that offers extended lengths for those who need stronger and longer ponytails! Lastly, feel empowered with our new collection by Julius Michael with a signature charm 'Power Pony'!

Key Features

  • SECURE PONYTAIL HOLDER: Pulleez is a great alternative to the average hair tie, and you don't have to worry about constant pulling and breakage! Pulleez is strong, secure, and easy to use!
  • ACRYLIC CHARM: Pulleez Acrylic Collection is a great addition to your hair "accessories" if you want to be more subtle or bold with our bright, vibrant colors! When in the office or at a fancy event, use our brown or black acrylic to keep your hair secure without drawing attention to your hair tie! If you want a bold moment, or need a safe and secure hair tie for your children, we have plenty of fun, exciting colors to brighten any hair look!
  • HOW TO USE: Pull elastic over your head ensuring all your strands are through and pull charms to desired length and comfort. To release: press and slide clasp towards charms, releasing hair without tugging or pulling!
  • ACCESSORY: Pulleez doesn't just look good in your hair, it doubles as a charmed bracelet. Wear Pulleez on your wrist just in case you need it on the go! Pulleez is extremely durable, strong, and you won't have to worry about the elastic becoming loose or stretched!
  • THE PULLEEZ STORY: Created on a whim by Diana Wright out of necessity to help pull back fashion models' hair quickly and gently while getting their makeup done, Pulleez became an instant hit and soon were spotted on the runway! Pulleez has now evolved and is available to the everyday consumer, and are leading in the luxury ponytail accessory market. The success of initial designs sparked the creation of additional accessory lines that enhance the company’s quality and aesthetic.

Czech Preciosa Crystal, Metal, Acrylic, Elastic

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