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PALO Nutrition CARB BLOCKER + 90 ea

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Product Description

Carb Blocker+ is a simple but powerful formula composed by White Kidney Bean Extract, a powerful plant that works by decreasing the number of starch-carbohydrate calories digested by the body daily.*

Key Features

  • CARB BLOCKER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS: Not all white kidney bean products are created equal. PALO Carb Blocker+ is made of the proprietary Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer, a natural extract clinically proven to reduce the enzymatic digestion of carbs and starch, preventing them from turning into sugar and fat. Phase 2 is the first and only dietary ingredient with over a dozen completed clinical trials since 2001.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: Carb Blocker+ may assist in weight control when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program.
  • SUPPRESSES APPETITE: This natural weight loss supplement works great when used in combination with thermogenic and appetite suppressants supplements like “PALO Fat Burner+”, to help control cravings and suppress appetite, making it even easier to lose those extra pounds.
  • ALL NATURAL AND SAFE: No artificial products, processed ingredients, or harmful stimulants are used in Carb Blocker+. This product can be taken with peace of mind as it helps your body to block carbs and fat in a completely natural way.
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA (cGMP standards), 100% NATURAL, GLUTEN FREE, VERIFIED PURE, NON-GMO: The blend contains no sugar, lactose, dairy, wheat, yeast, soy, milk, eggs, nuts, fish, or shellfish. It is also made without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or additives, and is free of alcohol, harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes, and phthalates. Herbal IQ guarantee ensures qualified herbalist thoroughly reviewed selected herbs and combinatiosn for great results.


Follow our instructions and do not exceed recommended dose. Store in a dry place at 59-86F (15-30C). Keep out of reach of children. Always consult your physician before using this product. If you experience any side effects that concern you, discontinue use, contact your doctor and contact us for a refund. People react in different ways to supplements and your doctor, based on your medical history, will advise if this product is right for you. We take special care in quality measures and standards that are implemented at every stage of manufacturing and your health is very important to us. Thank you for choosing PALO Nutrition.


Consume 3 capsules 30 minutes before a high carbohydrate/ high calorie meal with a glass of water. Please, do not exceed 6 capsules in one day.

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