Pacinos Razor Bump Soother

SKU: 1538605

Pacinos razor bump soother is an anti-oxidant formula that treats ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Also, soothing and preventing razor bumps by relieving razor burn while helping refine your skin.
  • 2 fl oz
  • Helps treat and prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.
  • Enriched with Tea Tree Oil to moisturize the skin and promote hair growth. Lavender helps fight bacteria with its antifungal properties while cleansing the skin and lessening irritation.
  • Better looking skin on your face and neck post shave for growing confidence.
  • Create long lasting looks with Pacinos Signature Line. Professional products that define your style. Easy to use barber grade products.

Apply a thin coat post shaving or waxing to reduce the appearance of razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

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