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Pacific Shaving Company UNSCENTED - Clean Facial Wash 1 ea

SKU: 1689510

  • YOU DESERVE A CLEAN SLATE: This clean, gentle, and feel-good face wash is specifically formulated for everyday use on even the most sensitive skin.
  • FRAGRANCE FREE: Using minimal and clean ingredients, this effective and kind-to-skin cleanser will remove impurities and nourish without drying, leaving skin looking and feeling healthy. Rinses easily. Formulated with a light foaming lather, this cleanser rinses easily with no leftover residue.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our vegan formula includes certified organic ingredients such as Sea Salt which helps cleanse pores and balance oil production. Glycerin to help draw and lock in hydration as well as Aloe Vera to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of redness.
  • CRUELTY FREE: Pacific Shaving Company’s products are never, ever tested on animals.

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