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3 Powerful blue light devices that you can rely on, the LUSTRE Clear Skin Trio is an acne treatment that provides 100% pure light that begins to work from day one by tackling your acne in multiple areas at once!
  • Clinically proven to reduce spots, inflammation and skin redness
  • This easy, hands free device provides a daily 20 minute treatment that works around your schedule and is proven to show positive improvements to your acne from only 2 weeks!
  • No Chemical, No UV - Fights spots naturally.
  • 100% pure light
  • For widespread acne (face, back & shoulders). Hands-free & portable; let you get on with your life- pain free, mess free!
Use LUSTRE ClearSkin every day for 20 minutes, for up to 12 weeks to treat your acne, and then stop. You may continue to use LUSTRE ClearSkin thereafter to treat breakouts. Suitable for face, back and shoulders area.

-Cleanse your face. For optimum results you may wish to use LUSTRE ClearSkin Anti-bacterial Skin Cleanser.
-Attach the LUSTRESTRIPS to the device
-Begin the treatment by pressing the ON/OFF button for 1 second
-LUSTRE ClearSkin will turn off automatically after 20 mins. Make sure you peel off the device gently to avoid any bruising. You may wish to repeat the treatment on different areas of problem skin.

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