Jojoba Ultimate Night Cream 50ml

SKU: 1688780


Using swertia and ribose extracts this rich, moisturising night cream is clinically proven to enhance skin texture, visibly reduce deep wrinkles and regenerate skin cells overnight. We believe our skin is smarter than we think. Sustainably grown at our Beresford Farm in the nutrient-rich fields of Yenda, Australia, our signature Wadi-Wadi Jojoba activates your skin’s natural intelligence, because it’s made just like you skin’s natural oil.

  • With hyaluronic acid , SWT-7™ & Riboxyl™
  • JOJOBA | (ho - ho - ba) Helps skin help itself - Did you know Jojoba oil has the same molecular structure as your skin? This makes Jojoba most similar to the oils produced by your skin, the oils filled with the antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs to be healthy and glow. Using Jojoba helps to restore your skin's balance to behave as it was designed to naturally.
  • Visibly reduces wrinkles
  • Enhances skin regeneration
  • Improves skin texture

Jojoba, ribose (Riboxyl™), swertia (SWT-7™), hyaluronic acid, banksia seed oil, finger lime extract.

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