Jetson - World’s Only Seasonal Probiotic - Immunity Formulation

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Jetson Immunity probiotics help your gut recover after vaccinations and antibiotics, lower your chances of catching a cold, ease inflammation, decrease sick days, and support upper respiratory health.

Immunity Formula: Formulated for immune support, this ant-inflammatory supplement may help your gut recover after vaccinations or antibiotics and reduce the frequency and duration of the common cold

Diverse and Alive: With 8 clinically validated strains and 16B CFU, Immunity is a complete powerhouse formulation. For extra immune support, we included Vitamin C and Echinacea

Effective Strains: Our strains are backed by clinical studies that prove efficacy. Our adult capsules and kids powders are designed to make it through the stomach acid and into your digestive system

Gut Health: A healthy gut may be a factor in overall wellness. Rotating formulas to specifically match your seasonal needs is crucial. Try Fit, Immunity, Mood and Outside. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO

Ingredients: Probiotics Reinvented: Jetson is a program, not a pill. Your body needs diversity of strains. Our seasonal probiotics match your changing needs to help you manage allergies, flu season and long summer days

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