Jetson Health - Gut Recovery - 28 stickpacks for Kids

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Gut Recovery is formulated with a potent combination of spore-forming, yeast-based and live probiotics that can survive the harsh environment caused by antibiotics and restore the good bacteria being wiped out. The strains in Gut Recovery also combat antibiotic side effects that can be worse than the infection itself.

Gut Recovery: This multi strain probiotic for kids that helps maintain digestive balance during and after a course of antibiotics; Good bacteria is key for nutrient absorption and strong immunity; 7.5 billion CFU

Convenience: Jettie flavorless probiotic powders are as easy to take as they are to give; Individually packaged in single servings and easily mixed into any beverage so even the pickiest of eaters won’t notice

Effective Strains: Our strains are backed by clinical studies that prove efficacy; Our adult capsules and kids powders are designed to make it through the stomach acid and into your digestive system

Gut Health: Rotating formulas to specifically match your child's seasonal needs is crucial; Try Spring Summer and Fall Winter supplements; Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, non GMO

Probiotics Reinvented: Your body needs diversity of strains; Our seasonal probiotics match your changing needs to help you manage allergies, flu season and long summer days

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