Headache Hat

Headache Hat - Wearable Hot Pack for Heat Therapy

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Same design as the ice version, but this one is for heat! Just microwave 30 seconds to 2 minutes and feel the warmth on sore muscles, cold toes, or for sinus needs.

  • Made in USA- Hot version of Headache Hat filled with clay beads and grains
  • Microwave and use on the affected body area- achy muscles, back pain
  • Attachment strap INCLUDED, so you can easily use it on the back and other body parts.
  • Leave in the freezer for a lighter cooling effect than the Original Headache Hat

Check temperature out of the microwave to ensure it is not too hot before placing on the affect area

Simply microwave for 30 seconds and for 30 second intervals after that to get to the right temperature. Place on affected body part for heat therapy.

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