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Harry's Shaving Cream for Men contains a rich, conditioning formula which cushions and hydrates your face, softening your beard for a closer, more comfortable shave. Our shave cream formula is made with a blend of essential oils of eucalyptus and mint refresh which cools your face while aloe vera soothes. We've packed your box with two tubes of rich, conditioning Shave Cream which are here to help soften your beard and ensure your Harry's razors for men effortlessly glide over your skin, ensuring a close, smooth.
  • Includes 2 bottles, 3.4 oz each
  • Harry's Shaving Cream helps your razor effortlessly glide over your skin to ensure a close, comfortable shave. Our Shave Cream sits close to skin, making it easy to see where you're going (and where you've been) as you shave—especially helpful when styling facial hair.
  • Our Shaving Cream for men is made with a blend of 12 natural oils and extracts, like marula oil and eucalyptus, that moisturize and refresh your skin.
  • Harry's bought a factory in Germany to ensure the quality of our shaving products and to pass the savings on to our customers who deserve a great shave at a fair price.

Keep out of eyes. If product enters eye, rinse with water.

Really work the shave cream into your face. A badger brush can be especially helpful to remove dead skin cells and raise the hair up to make it easier to cut. We suggest leaving the cream/gel on your face for a minute or two to further soften your whiskers.

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