Ethique Quench Face Cream Tube, 2.29oz

SKU: 1707270

Solid Face Cream

Key Features:
Quench is our balancing solid face cream and answer to your oily skin concerns. Containing hero ingredients niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin B5 to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, congestion, and slow oil over-production.  Oats (known to be anti-inflammatory), babassu and jojoba also feature to moisturize without adding an overload of oil.  Use as a night cream, or in the morning before makeup (leave about ten minutes between using moisturizer and applying makeup). Travel friendly: no liquid means you can take it on the plane. 
  • QUENCH FACE CREAM: Quench is a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer for all skin types that powerfully boosts skin’s hydration without weighing it down.
  • MISSION: We're on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste while offering our customers 100% sustainable, ethically sourced products, made from natural and effective ingredients. Better for you. Better for the planet.
  • PROBLEM: Plastic. Over 40% of plastic comes from product packaging (We're changing that!) 80 Billion plastic bottles disposed of around the world each year are from shampoo & conditioner alone. 8 Million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. 9/10 fish have ingested microplastics according to studies. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. Only 9% of ALL plastic ever made has been recycled. Every person on earth consumes 40,000 microplastics each year.
  • SOLUTION: Ethique is the world's first zero waste and most sustainable lifestyle beauty brand. We use biodegradable ingredients and compostable packaging so all our solid bars leave no trace (except the luscious skin and hair it leaves behind, of course!). Our products are super concentrated so by switching to beauty bars, you're saving plastic bottles going to landfill. Ethique is New Zealand's highest scoring BCorp as well as carbon fiber neutral and living ware employer.
  • JOURNEY: To date we saved our planet from over 5 million plastic bottles! We’ve converted thousands of fans to plastic free beauty and are genuinely making a difference to the amount of plastic waste made and disposed of every year. Our new goal is to save 50 million by 2025 (and we're on track already!). To put our money where our mouth is, each year 20% of our profit goes to charities fighting alongside us to protect the planet. Join the revolution and #giveupthebottle

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