Scrub Daddy

Eraser Daddy® 2 ea

SKU: 1674750

Key Features 
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE - Eraser Daddy has two unique materials that work together to revitalize baseboards, handrails, white sneaker gums or unpainted walls.
  • DUAL SIDED - Use the FlexTexture side to remove abrasive surface debris first. Flip to the water activated PowErase side to wipe away marks and scuffs in seconds!
  • ERGONOMIC - Eraser Daddy is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit in your hand, and embossed on one side for added scrubbing texture.
  • FLEXTEXTURE - Added FlexTexture side helps reduce premature wear of eraser commonly caused by finger pressure. Use Eraser Daddy to spot clean hard surfaces.
  • CLEAN IN COLOR - Vibrant colors make color-coding cleaning jobs easier. Assign different scrubbers to different applications like blue for the bathroom or orange for the pet bowls.

Eraser Daddy is your new and improved household eraser! Two unique materials will have you Scrub n’ Erasing your way to a brighter, refreshed looking home in minutes. Use the scratch-free FlexTexture® side first to remove dirt or abrasive debris from surfaces. Then flip to wipe away scuffs, marks, or stains with the water activated PowErase® side. The FlexTexture® layer creates a reinforced backing to help reduce premature eraser wear commonly caused by finger pressure. The PowErase® side is embossed for added texture. 

WARNING: Avoid accidental damage or personal injury! Do not use on your body or skin, which will cause abrasions. Keep out of reach of children and pets to prevent ingestion. Always test a small inconspicuous area first as PowErase® can damage some surfaces. Not for use on soft plastics, non-stick coatings, finished or unfinished wood, automobile finishes, stainless steel, copper or leather. Do not use with chlorine bleach or household cleaners. After using on a surface that may contact food, rinse that surface thoroughly to remove any residue.

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