Ecyo Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaning Pods

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Love a clean bathroom but hate waste? This small pack of ecyo cleaning pods will make 3 x 300ml concentrated Shower/Bath & Tile cleaning sprays. The pods fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue. When added to water they naturally cut through soap scum and grime, but contain no harsh chemicals. The perfect option for cleaning the bath, shower, toilet & bathroom tiles.

  • 3 pods
  • Just add water! Reduce unnecessary packaging
    & transport pollution!
  • Eco-Friendly innovative product which will leave the whole bathroom sparkling
  • Vegan, Greywater Safe, Palm Oil Free, Biodegradeable, No Phosphates
  • Pods fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue

Propylene Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, PEG 80 - Sorbitan Laurate, Sorbitol, water, sucrose, Perfume, colour

Caution: Do not mix with other chemicals. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If swallowed remove all residue from mouth, rinse mouth thoroughly and seek medical advice immediately.

Place one Pod in an empty spray bottle. Add 150mL of warm water & gently swirl until dissolved. Add 150mL of cold water then swirl again. Now insert the spray & use! Once dissolved, simply spray surface and wipe clean with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains leave for 1-5 minutes.

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