Yves Rocher

Eau de toilette COMME UNE EVIDENCE FL 50ML

SKU: 1710225

  • Dermatologically tested, this plant-based perfume is a truly modern chypre blend, both chic & timeless. Formulated with refreshing bergamot, rich Damask rose & herbaceous patchouli for a bold finish.
  • This fragrant body spray, developed by our botanical beauty researchers, offers a fresh deodorant women & men can enjoy. Use with your ordinary skin care products & body lotion for allover skin care.
  • Add this gentle daily spray to your body & facial skin care products along with jojoba oil, eye cream, vitamin c serum, vitamin e, face sunscreen, hand cream, hyaluronic acid, body wash & body butter.
  • Also pairs well with other facial and body skin care products for women, like blackhead remover, acne treatment, benzoyl peroxide, face cream, women's fragrances, perfume and face and body exfoliator.
  • Offering globally loved, plant-based beauty products, like skin & face care, makeup, hair care, fragrance and body & bath care, Yves Rocher ensures quality formulas and reduced environmental impact.

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