EarthWise Biodegradable Dental Flosser Picks

SKU: 1696775

Introducing the Platypus EarthWise Eco-Friendly Flosser! These biodegradable dental flossers are sustainably made with corn starch, break down naturally, and come in a resealable bag. These flossers will degrade quickly and easily at 140 F and this is achieved in the landfills of today. Unflavored, gluten-free and vegan the Platypus EarthWise flosser is your eco-friendly way to keep your teeth clean!
  • 50 unflavored flossers
  • Platypus is a well known brand in the oral care field and EarthWise was developed with both the environment and consumer dental hygiene in mind.
  • These flossers are plant-based and made from cornstarch. Help support farmers while keeping your teeth clean!
  •  Made from biodegradable corn starch these flossers will break Although plant-based and biodegradable, EarthWise flossers are durable and easy to use. Clean those hard to reach places in your mouth with the comfortable grip and strong floss string.
  • Unflavored, gluten-free & vegan

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