Dimensions Happiness Collection Fragrance Plugin

SKU: 1670975


Get happy with bright, juicy mandarin oranges blended uplifted by playful, invigorating spice. The scents in this collection are carefully blended with select essential and fragrance oils such as Authentic fresh woods, Sparkling, citrus notes and Warm spicy notes.

  • Includes 1 Plugin & 3 Fragrance Refills
  • Transforms natural essential oils throughout your home for optimal fragrance experience
  • Release fragrance into your home 24 hours a day with adjustable levels
  • Provides up to 45 days fragrance per refill on low setting

Dimensions fragrance plug-ins create an always-on scent that turns a room into a 360-fragrance experience. To turn your device on, plug it into an outlet; to turn off your device, simply remove it from the outlet. The fragrance level can be adjusted on the top of the fragrance plug-in

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