Dimensions Energetic Collection Fragrance Diffuser

SKU: 1654105

$34.95 $78

Recharge your senses and get in gear with zesty grapefruit and bergamot boosted with the sensation of fresh peppermint leaves.The scents in this collection are carefully blended with select essential and fragrance oils such as Fresh, aromatic hand-picked herbs, Sparkling, citrus notes, and Dewy leafy green aspects that capture the outdoors

  • Includes 1 Diffuser & 3 Fragrance Refills
  • Dimensions fragrance refills are pre-mixed so you can avoid the mess from combining multiple essential oils together
  • No adding water & no cleaning after each use
  • The device runs on a 24 hours cycle - 8 hrs on and 16 hrs off. Auto shut off occurs after 8 hours of use

Dimensions diffusers differ from other diffusers in their sleek, compact design and their battery operation. The diffuser works by converting energy - through the batteries within the device - to release bursts of fragrance mists. A blue LED light will show up on the top of the diffuser when the device is turned on and when it's releasing the mist. Important note: Dimensions fragrance refills are only compatible with your Dimensions fragrance device

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