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Cake Mate Decorating Tool Kit

SKU: 1689730

If you're looking to up your dessert game, try the Cake Mate Decorator's Kit. With decorating bags and tips, bake cups, and food color, you'll have artistic license to make many different, fun cupcakes. All your decorating tools in one assortment.
  • Includes 1 pack of 8 icing tube decorating tips, 1 pack of 12 decorating bags, 1 pack of 4 food color gels (red, blue, green, yellow), and 1 pack of white baking cups (100 count)
  • Cake Mate Decorating Tips easily attach to Betty Crocker Decorating Icing tubes to create beautifully decorated desserts. Each package contains 8 different tips that can create a variety of designs- from lettering, dots, and borders to flowers and stars. A practice board and instructions are included to make it simple to decorate like an expert.
  • Cake Mate Decorating Bags can be used with Betty Crocker Decorating Tips to create beautifully designed desserts. Each package contains 12 disposable bags that make decorating and clean-up easy.
  • Easily tint your icing with Cake Mate Gel Food Colors, which have a special gel-based formula that is ideal for baking because it won’t thin out your mix or frosting. Each package includes four different colors (red, blue, green, and yellow) that are perfect for everyday celebrations.
  • Make your celebration special with Cake Mate baking cups. These fit in standard size cupcake or muffin tins to make clean-up easy.

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