Amara Baby Food | Introduction to Textures | Healthy Baby & Infant Food | Organic Fruits, Veggies, and Cereals for Baby's First Meals | Apple Maqui Berry, Potato & Kale, Oats and Berries | 1 Box ea

SKU: 1683155

A top-seller. Oats gently promote digestion and support baby’s developing gut. There is nothing quite like a soothing, comforting bowl of oatmeal, and your baby couldn’t agree more. Watch them open wide as you deliver a warm hug on a spoon spiked with bright berry flavor. The ancient maqui berry supports your baby’s healthy gut by easing the food through your baby’s digestive system. This antioxidant-rich superberry’s tart profile balances out naturally-sweet organic apples to create an irresistible nutritious treat for your growing babe.This flavor introduces baby to the wondrous world of leafy greens, easing them into it with a subtle sweetness from banana and potato’s pleasing texture. Among kale’s superpowers are its calcium that baby’s body can readily absorb and its fiber to keep things moving. A customer favorite.

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