OFFBLAK Glow | Wild At Heart Strawberry & Pink Pepper Fruit Tea

SKU: 1681260


You walk out of the gym, sweaty but satisfied. You hop in the shower and feel the cool touch of water revitalise your body and mind. Nothing that could happen today will affect your mood, you are feeling 100. Top it off with an ice cold elixir of hibiscus flower, fruits & ginger to detox your body and make your refreshed mood last all day. The best part is, it’s super healthy - yas!

  • Includes 12 individually wrapped whole leaf pyramid tea bags
  • Zero caffeine level 
  • Feels like: Post-workout happiness

hibiscus, apple pieces, ginger, rosehip, flavourings, blackberry leaves (5%), blackcurrant leaves (2%), raspberry pieces (1%)

Infuse one tea pyramid in 100℃ water. Brew for 3+ mins. Drink hot or top up with ice for iced tea

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