OFFBLAK Chill Out | Just Dessert Black Tea (12 Pyramid Tea Bags, 30g) - Mint & Chocolate, Naturally High Caffeine Tea

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Too often, we are too busy to set time out for ourselves and enjoy life. But everyone has time for a cup of tea. That is why we created a black tea that is a treat, both for your taste buds and for your body. Brew a cuppa of this refreshing tea and feel like you are eating that last square of dark chocolate with a hint of Moroccan mint that you have been hiding in the fridge (as if you would share it), sitting on the couch in your bathrobe and hotel slippers you stole from your last holiday. Sounds good, right? All this for no calories? Now that is a diet we could stick to. Healthy is fun! This tea is so satisfying that it can also function as a dessert replacement for weight loss!

  • Includes 12 individually wrapped whole leaf pyramid tea bags
  • High caffeine level
  • Feels like: Treat yourself 

- black tea (75%), flavourings, spearmint (5%), cinnamon, cacao shells (2%), mallow flowers, melissa (2%)

Infuse one tea pyramid in 212F water. Brew for 3+ mins. Drink hot or top up with ice for iced tea

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