Ethique Lilac In-Shower Storage Container

SKU: 1598280

$15 $21

Need a hand keeping your Ethique shampoo and conditioner dry? Our in-shower containers are just the ticket!Made with bamboo & corn-starch, our certified compostable* in-shower containers (that’s right, compostable, not plastic) are specifically designed to fit one Ethique shampoo and one Ethique conditioner bar, they will not fit our sturdy bodywash bars.

  • base: 8cm by 6.5cm, total height: 7.5cm
  • Compostable materials
  • Increases the life of your bars
  • The container will last up to five years in your shower

Made with 100% compostable materials; bamboo and cornstarch.

Place Ethique shampoo and conditioner bars inside the container to drain and prolong life of bar

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