Compostic Cling Wrap, 150 SQ. FT.

SKU: 1690590

Compostic wrap functions just like your traditional cling wrap in every way. It’s strong and clingy but contains ZERO traditional non compostable plastics. We are a true zero waste product – no plastic or metal cutter, no laminated box and we use soy based inks for printing – which means the box can be both recycled and composted. Now it’s easier to go plastic free, with Compostic.
  • 150 SQ FT Cling Wrap
  • Compostic wrap is a certified home-compostable cling wrap. it's clingy, but won't overstay it's welcome! it works just like the conventional plastic cling wrap you know, but won’t stick around for hundreds of years polluting our environment after you’ve used it. it’s certified to break down completely in your compost at home within 12-24 weeks. that's faster than an orange peel!
  • Go guilt free with compostics certified home compostable cling wrap! all of our products are non-toxic - that means no GMOs and BPA-free, and most importantly, free of any traditional plastic!!
  • Our testing has shown that our products perform just as well, or better than conventional plastic, with pre perforated portions making it easier to use than ever before! compostic cling wrap keeps food fresh and is also microwave and freezer safe.
  • All of our products are printed with soy or water based inks, to remain compost friendly. the perforations means there's not need for nasty plastic or metal cutters, making compostic wrap a truly zero waste products. now you can do your bit for the environment by switching to compostic and take your first steps towards a more sustainable home.
  • Compostic wrap is certified to the strictest home composting standard available – AS5810 – which goes beyond other tests to ensure products are not toxic to worms and therefore can be placed in your worm farms at home. compostic wrap also adheres to European standard EN 13432, and American standard ASTM D 6400. it is food safe, and tested by Intertek to SGS standards for microwave and freezer safety. all organic ingredients are certified GMO free.

So how do you use it? – Remove it from its box, pull it out at least 30cm and you will find really easy to use perforations making it even easier to use, and safe and simple for kids to get involved too. Need a longer piece, simply miss out one perforation point and rip at the next one.

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