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Sky Organics All-Purpose Citrus Multi-Surface Cleaner

SKU: 1692490

Our USDA certified organic Multi-Surface Cleaner effectively eliminates everyday dirt, grime, and grease and refreshes household surfaces using plant-based ingredients – no harsh fumes, no ammonia, no phosphates, no phthalates, no chlorine, and no dyes – only what’s kind to you and the planet. This USDA certified organic formula is 100% vegan and tested by happy humans (never on animals). Plus, the packaging is recyclable – just discard the top and toss the bottle in a recycling bin when you’re done!
  • 26 fl oz bottle of Multi Surface Cleaner by Sky Organics
  • Made from plant-derived ingredients, our Citrus Grove Cleaner Spray is non-toxic & recyclable, so it is kind to you and your environment.
  • Sky Organics Multi Surface Cleaner is made to safely clean and cut through everyday dirt, grime and grease to refresh your household surfaces and leave them sparkling clean!
  • Refresh the home with the clean citrusy scent of our Multi Surface Cleaner to leave all surfaces with a clean and fresh smell.

This multi-surface spray is a must-have product designed to work on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, highchairs, finished wood, granite, bathrooms, toilets, hardwood floors, and any other solid surface!

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