Self Care Sunday Activities

Let Self-Care Sunday be the highlight of your week. It’s the perfect time to relax, take some time for yourself and re-charge before the work week. We’ve compiled some of our favorite self-care activities to jump start your relaxation.



Aromatherapy is an amazing way to create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Depending on your mood or the ambience you’re trying to achieve, there are different fragrances that can promote different feelings. If you’re unsure of where to start, lavender is universally known for its calming and soothing scent. One of our favorite things is to use a lavender scented lotion like Farmstead Apothecary Lemon Lavender Body Butter. Not only does a lotion moisturize and hydrate skin, the scent can double as aromatherapy. 


Relaxing bath

One of our go-to Self-Care Sunday activities is a relaxing bath. There are a couple different ways to jazz up your bath. You can add bubbles, scented oils or have a combo of both with a bath bomb. We’re obsessed with Sky Organics Bath Bombs because they contain Coconut Oil to help hydrate skin and Epsom salts detoxify and soothe sore muscles. Not to mention, they make the water turn pretty colors! Soak in a relaxing bath and feel relaxed and renewed.



Self-Care Sunday is about taking some extra time for yourself. Use this weekly opportunity to exfoliate your skin. Gently buff away dead skin cells by choosing your favorite exfoliator and rubbing in circular motions. We like Svasthya Body & Mind Organic Matcha Sugar Scrub because it’s organic, vegan and features natural ingredients. Enjoy your newly smooth, radiant skin!



An easy way to pamper yourself is to throw on a face mask. This classic self-care staple is the perfect way to cleanse and detox. If you want to take your mask game to the next level we recommend Biovène Honey Bust Nourishing Boob Mask. Don’t run away, this mask is the real deal. It’s formulated with honey, Hyaluronic Acid and sweet osmanthus florals. To help boost skin nourishment, it features lemon, meadowfoam, sea buckthorn and sunflower oils.


These are some of our go-tos for Self-Care Sunday. Now you’re ready to face the week with a new sense of perspective.

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