Self Care Tips to Avoid the Winter Blues

As we recover from our post-holiday depression with quarantine rules still in effect, the colder months can sometimes feel tough. For some, this slump comes with the changing of the seasons and is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Mental health is so important, especially during these uncertain times. We wanted to highlight a few ways you can help improve your mood and combat the winter blues.

Going outside

One of the most effective ways to boost your happiness is by simply going outside. Because there is less daylight in the winter, it is important to make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D. Consider taking a Vitamin D supplement during the colder months when it might be harder to be outside - this can help offset the decreased amount of time spent outside. Getting less sunlight throws off our circadian rhythms, so light therapy is also an option if you can’t go outside. These lamps mimic the natural daylight and are typically recommended to use at the same time each day for around 30 minutes. 


Another great way to combat the winter blues is exercising. Exercise can boost endorphin levels– which are the body’s feel-good chemicals. Research shows that exercise can also help alleviate long-term depression. A recent study done by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that running for 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%. For some people, exercise can be hard to stick to, that’s why it’s important to find an activity you like. Whether you prefer the gym, swimming or yoga, any form of exercise will help uplift your mood. If you decide to work out in-between meetings, we recommend checking out this gym bag must-have, Recess Body 201: Body Wipes, perfect for a post-workout refresher. 


Believe it or not, there are mood boosting foods! Some of the best options include nuts and lean proteins which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and berries which are packed with antioxidants. What’s interesting about a mood boosting diet, is that you should actually limit your sugar intake. While sugar is typically a quick happiness boost, the feeling is not a long-term fix.  If you are craving sugar, opt for a natural sweetener like Zensweet Organic Monkfruit Sweetener which will satisfy your sweet tooth without the typical sugar highs and lows. And like we mentioned earlier, foods with Vitamin D are also great options. This includes foods like milk, eggs, mushrooms and fish. 

Tea Time

Tea and it’s many varieties offer a multitude of health benefits. This calming drink has links to reducing the risk for certain diseases, lower blood pressure and promoting overall wellbeing. Green tea, for example, is a great way to nourish your body and mind. The OFFBLAK Chill Out | Squeeze Me Orange & Jasmine Green Tea was designed with your well-being in mind.  Ginger tea is another good option as it relaxes the mind and body, while promoting blood circulation. When your blood is circulating properly it distributes the nutrients from the ginger throughout the body resulting in a happier, healthier you. 

We hope these tip help you avoid the winter blues! Remember to stay as active as possible and prioritize your mental health.

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